Monday, November 23, 2009

Announcement about Wii Fifa 10 vs Pes 10

Wii Fifa 2010 versus Pro Evolution Soccer 2010

I am sorry to say but i wont make a movie about it.
Although i did make an intro, and the first 2 min begin, but i cant seem to be finding the effort to go on with it.
I think i did to much movie making in a row also to many vs movies.

Some screenshots from the movie i am not making:

I hope some els will make a movie about it if not maybe in the future i will finish this movie.

Greets TAZmd.

1 comment:

TAZmd said...

These 2 games are not comparable.
Fifa 10 wii was made for jong kids.

And pes is made for people that want to play a real soccer game.