Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: Combat Arms Free Online FPS Game

Since a view days now i started playing Combat Arms
It has a fast game play style like Gunz Online has except for no wall jumping.

You can level your own soldier and get different gear and weapons, however
only some gear and weapons are for free and you rent those.
The game sells you gear and weapons for real money, these you have forever.

It has a fast game play style like Gunz Online has except for no wall jumping.
It's has a basic FPS style like in all the other great FPS games we know.
It has all lot of different game modes to go true and many nice maps.

Found problems?:
Yes, Hackes, These are often people that uses a hack, you will instant die every time.
Over time these people will get banned, but most just switch from IP.
Because of these people everyone else starts assuming you from hacking.
You don't even have to be real good and people say hey kick taz, and you get an vote saying
You want to kick TAZmd1 press F5 for yes F6 for no. Reason: Use of a HACK.
So people think hack? yes kick f5.
This is also due to many jong kids playing this game since it's free, and they don't think
before they do something.

Why are you playing it?
I am just bored, and ill try anything that looks a little fun to play.

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TAZmd said...

This game is almost unplayable.... if you don't get spawn killed by an hacker you get kicked but being one.

There are a few things that's part of this game but yet people will kick you if you use them to often:
Headshots, Mines, Rocket launchers, Camping.